Friends of Gordon

“FRIENDS OF GORDON” (FOG’S) Alumni Working to benefit Gordon Rugby in the Community

It is a very special moment when you pull on the tartan jumper and step onto the hallowed turf of Chatswood Oval with 14 team mates to pit your resolve, wits and skills to protect and promote the reputation of this very proud club against a visiting team. It is the catalyst for unique character building experiences that stand by you in later life. It produces happy unforgettable memories. Be inspired, stand proud and tall whenever and wherever you have the opportunity to be A Gordon.

The name Gordon has many associations and meanings. It strikes a very positive note and sends out a powerful message when linked to the words “Rugby” and “Club”. The following lines of the rousing club song highlight the major factor that propels the Gordon Rugby Club to one of the great strengths.

“We don’t all come from Scottish blood,
That’s never been our boast,
It’s the friendship of the Gordon Club,
That we treasure most”

Yes, friendships are the most valuable asset that an individual can acquire.
Gordon Rugby Club fosters this theme and assures that when you are present
at its gatherings, meetings, matches and functions you are with friends.

The “Friends of Gordon” (FOGS) were formed to ensure the spirit of Gordon Rugby and all that it entails will endure long after many of us have gone to pay the “game in heaven”. Our aim to work for the benefit of Gordon Rugby at all levels within the community. Our charter provides funding that will assist ensuring that Gordon Rugby is sustainable, enjoyable and provides the opportunity for players and coaches to fulfil their potential where we can.

Since October 2011 the Alumni has proudly donated to a number of activities to support Gordon Rugby at both the senior and junior levels. Examples being:

  • Video Analysis equipment for the Grade rugby coaching staff
  • Upgraded the Gordon Rugby Club website
  • Paid the fees for Grade and Colts coaches to attend specialist training courses
  • Provided training equipment for Grade and Colts
  • Provided a fully catered box at all Waratahs home games in 2012 to help raise funds for the Club
  • Sponsored a night at a Super Rugby match for the 2012 Gordon Coaching staff
  • Provided Gordon Car stickers, T-Shirts and other goodies in a pack for all registered juniors in 2012
  • Donated to Northern Suburbs Rugby Club for the Seti Tefua Fund and Killara/ West Pymble Rugby Club to assist with costs associated with the tragic death of one of their “Subbies” during a  match in 2012
  • Sponsored 1st Grade Squad dinners with the FOGS Alumni to promote the Gordon culture and traditions
  • Sponsored the annual Gordon Rugby Gala Dinners in 2012 and 2013 and provided financial assistance to the Gordon Rugby Presentation Nights
  • Provided training balls for all Gordon Junior clubs and the Representative teams
  • Provided Gordon Caps for sale by the Senior Club and the Junior Representative teams
  • We entertain Club Sponsors at our marquee on match days to maximise networking opportunities
  • Provided rental assistance to Colts relocating from the country
  • Leverage our network and alumni to open Sponsorship, Educational and Vocational opportunities where possible

The “Friends of Gordon” (FOGS) Alumni is self administering through a Steering Committee comprising of Peter Sherwood, Peter Bull, Brett Fawcett and Brian Shirvington. It is their responsibility to, on behalf of the FOGS Alumni, to review requests for assistance and ensure the timely distribution of funds and/or assistance to approved projects.

All Alumni members are awarded a distinctive FOGS Tie (the tie that goes with every shirt), and we meet at each home game in our distinctive “FOG Marquee” to watch the games and cheer Gordon on, whilst enjoying the company of fellow Alumni and Sponsors in a relaxed and enjoyable, catered environment.

A regular in season newsletter is provided to ensure the Alumni is kept up to date with all things Gordon, items of interest or just fun articles. In addition, an annual report is provided to ensure total transparency in all that we do.

We encourage past players, supporters, friends and family members who love Gordon rugby and want to put something back into the club, whilst having a great time to consider joining our Alumni.  If  this appeals to you please refer to the FOGS Membership Form on the website. Sponsorship opportunities are always top of mind so if you have any leads you would like us to pursue, please feel free to let us know, and we will do the rest.

Thank You for investing in the future of Gordon Rugby


The Club wishes to thank the following Friends of Gordon Alumni for their ongoing support.

Mick Bird

Peter Black

John Boughton

Mike Brown

Ben Burney

Peter Bull

David Cains

Ivo Clarke

Michael Cooper

Bill Currie

Glenn Curran

Andrew Dainton

Michael Delaney

Michael Dempsey

Matt Dixon

Bill Drury

Brett Fawcett

Barrie Fawcett

John Fordham

Will Forsyth

Ged Ryan

Murray Fox

Wally Freeman

Jeffrey Hann

Ian Gilbertson

Matt Glascott

Maurie Graham

Scott Grayson

David Hale

Graeme Hearl

Alex Hearl

Amelia Hearl

Edward Hearl

Helen Hearl

Peter Hearl

Tim Hearl

Sandy Isherwood

Neville Kielly

Alan Kirkby

Peter Knox

David Leckie

Andrew Lennon

Peter Longman

Duncan Mann

Manus McFadyen

Jim McManus

Alastair McTavish

Brian Moffat

Taine Moufarrie

Barry Prowse

Paul Reimer

Damian Rigney

Hayden Rorke

Bob Sampson

Denis Scanlon

Peter Sherwood

Brian Shirvington

Graham Steer

Norm Tasker

John Taylor

Hugh Trollope

Anthony Trollope

Suzanne Turner

Tim Wedlock

Joshua Whittaker

Bruce Yahl

Andrew Falk

Bruce Nicholas

Peter Todd

Paul Nicholson

Charlie Blunt

Graeme Smith

Mick Reid

Beverley Kable

John Kable

David Cowlishaw

Debbie Cowlishaw

Steve Cutler

Denis Handlin

Jan Handlin

Chrissie Jephcott

William Jephcott

Alex Chegwyn

Hilton Chapman

Penny Chapman

Chris Seage

Jan Seage

Caroline Bruce

Robert Bruce

Janice Hill

Richard Hill

Kathryn Matthews

Peter Matthews